Camilla Gallacher, designer and creator of the camillajames jewelry line, lives in the states but originally hails from London. Camilla was raised in an artistic family, spending her early years painting, drawing, beading and sewing. As a child, she was always making things out of materials and scraps that she could find. “I remember cutting all the flowers out of the fabric of a dress I was wearing when I was 4 years old, because they were the perfect color blue!”

As a teenager, Camilla was forever customizing her own clothes, embellishing tops with vintage beads and buttons. Never satisfied with looking the same as everyone else, she grew up with the sensibility that fashion was a personal statement that must be owned and tailored to reflect its wearer.

Graduating from University in 1999 with a degree in Art History, Camilla moved to London for a career in the fashion industry. After working as a fashion publicist for five years, she brought her very first jewelry collection to Portobello Market in London. Her Art History degree imbued her with a great sense of the past, as well as a strong aesthetic to re-work the old in a fresh, modern way. The signature camillajames aesthetic combines industrial and vintage components with softer elements such as silk and crystals, giving camillajames jewelry the unexpected and modern look for which it is now known. Soon after its introduction on the streets of London, the line was picked up in boutiques across the U.K and Asia, and continues to gain a rapidly growing international following today.